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Assignment 1. IX. Energy

Assignment 2. IX. Energy

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Different forms of energy

Forms of energy

A rock concert

Forms of energy

Other forms of energy

Examples of different forms of energy

Circulation of energy

Calorific values of different fuels

Energy resources

Bread production process

Fuel shortages

Products made from oil

Non-renewable energy resources

Formation of crude oil and natural gas

Tidal energy

Hydroelectric energy

Geothermal energy

Solar energy

Wind energy

Biomass fuel

Renewable energy resources

Effects of weather conditions on different types of power stations

Comparison of renewable and non-renewable energy resources

Energy from the Sun

Solar energy

The Sun as a form of energy

Transfer of energy from the Sun to fossil fuels

Fossil fuels

Formation of coal

The Sun's role in biomass production


Biomass as fuel

The Sun's influence on air and water movements on Earth

Wind and wave energy

Onshore and offshore breezes

Food - energy from the Sun

Corn field


Effect of light on the growth of food plants

Different types of chemical energy

Chemical energy